PhD fellows


In my teaching years at Wageningen University, the University of Zimbabwe and IHE Delft I have worked with many talented and inspiring postgraduate students and PhD fellows. My current PhD fellows and PhD graduates are listed on this page, and links are provided to the published PhD theses (that in the Dutch system are open access). As can be seen, several PhD graduates have been co-supervised with colleagues from IHE Delft, TU Delft, Wageningen University and VU Amsterdam, including Hubert Savenije, Nick van de Giesen, Stefan Uhlenbrook, Huub Gijzen, Linden Vincent, Ann van Griensven and Roy Brouwer.

PhD graduates

Current PhD fellows

  • Rahel Muche Kassa: The gendered nature of land and water management in the Blue Nile (with Rhodante Ahlers).
  • Reem Fikri M.O. Digna: Optimal operation of the multi-reservoir system in the Eastern Nile basin considering water and sediment fluxes (with Stefan Uhlenbrook and Yasir Mohamed).
  • Tobias Renner: Transboundary river basin management (with Sander Meijerink and Toine Smits, Radboud University) (part-time).
  • Mohammad Gharesifard: Mapping the behavioural determinants of ICT-based citizen participation in water management (with Uta Wehn).
  • Jonatan Godinez Madrigal: Water allocation dilemma between two economic heartlands: the case study of Los Altos-León-Guadalajara interbasin water transfer (with Nora van Cauwenbergh)
  • Annelieke Duker: Evaluation of the robustness of irrigated farming systems along ephemeral rivers in Ethiopia and Zimbabwe (with Charlotte de Fraiture).
  • Anjana Ekka: Economics of river ecosystem – a hydroeconomic modelling approach to river basin management (with Yong Jiang and Saket Pande, TU Delft).
  • Afua Owusu: Improved reservoir operation policies for implementation of environmental flows (with Jill Slinger, TU Delft, and Marloes Mul).
  • Nadja den Besten: Improving water productivity in irrigated wetlands by utilizing field-scale satellite remote sensing evaporation estimates (with Susan Steele-Dunne, TU Delft, and Richard de Jeu, VanderSat)
  • Rozemarijn ter Horst: The politics of data in the context of water allocation processes in transboundary river basins (met Margreet Zwarteveen)

Hwange waterhole, Zimbabwe (photo: Jochem van der Zaag)

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